Activiti in Action

Posted: 9 March, 2011 in Activiti

aia cover

I’m not realy a book buying guy, especially not technical ones since often they are outdated the moment you buy them. In some cases that does not matter since they are a good reference anyhow. So when I noticed that Tijs Rademakers and Ron van Liempd were writing Activiti in Action I hesitated a little for the obvious reason that I’m kind of familiar with Activiti already. Last week however at the NLJUG Activiti university session (a ‘labs’ oriented hands-on free training) held at the Atos location in Utrecht, they surprised us with free vouchers to the MEAP version of the book and a full electronic version when it comes out (thanks for that btw). Since you should not look a gift horse in the mouth (did not expect the translation of this proverb from Dutch to English to be so literal) I started reading and with great joy I must admit. Chapter 4 was released today and so I think it is to early to write an indepth review! But anyone starting with Activiti should pay the lousy €25.15 and buy the book. It already contains well written, good to read, easy to understand,… well I think you get the picture. Oh and in addition, the example code is avaiable to so anyone wanting a jumpstart with Activiti: do not hesitate

Funny thing is that when talking to them about the book, they admitted it was twice as hard to keep up with Activiti since te community and the contributions from the communiti keep growing with each release and with e.g. the businessrule task and the designer they can partly blame themselves. Still I think it is a great buy.

Keep up the good work.

EDIT: According to a tweet by Tijs Rademakers: Use the following code to get 40% of all versions of the #Activiti in Action book: activi40.


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