Upgrading from jBPM3 to….

Posted: 4 August, 2011 in Activiti, jBPM

Funny that moving from jBPM3 to Activiti is not considered upgrading, while moving from jBPM3 to jBPM5 is… So upgrading is only if you stay in in something with the same name… IE6 -> Firefox 5 is not upgrading either than…but IE6-> IE7 is… wow… (not saying jBPM 5 such a small step)

I personally think the differences in language between jBPM3 (jPDL) and Activiti (BPMN2) are comparable to the differences between jBPM3 (jPDL) and jBPM5 (BPMN2), at least the last time I checked. The migration of the definition should (almost) be identical. The difference in API is also of a comparable difficulty so the only difference in ease of migration could be in the runtime data (instanciated processes). I have no clear picture on that anymore, but personaly I would not even try to migrate that and just let one slowly take over the other. This is even mentioned in the jBPM forum

There are some more remarkable remarks in this topic, but since I don’t want to start a flamewar, I won’t go into them… (but had to mention there are, sorry)


  1. Michael Feichtegger says:

    I thought forty-two is the answer to everything but life and the universe isn’t it

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