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Where does the experience really starts?

Posted: 22 February, 2011 in Activiti

Scott Francis often write interesting small blogs about things related to BPM. His latest blog (as of this time of writing), The Experience Starts in the First Minute, is about perceiving a BPMS in relation to it’s installation. I agree with him that getting things up and running without expensive consultants is a plus. But…as always the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or using it in case of Rick Hightower and Activiti.

Einstein already said it: “IT should be as simple as possible, but not simpler” (IT being my own addition ;-). Why do I get to this? Simply because I think there is a downside to making things too simple. I’ve seen it happening with jBPM and with Activiti now as well. Tom Baeyens has always advocated that BPMN has both a technical and business aspect to it, Activiti Cycle being the one of the results. But if the installer is that simple any ‘suit’ might think he can do it all by himself, without IT. Yeah… right, would be the same as me saying I do not need sales people to sell my ‘product’ (anyone ever tried cold acquisition?).  The fact that this is true can be seen by the level/quality of the questions in the forums. If things get simpler, you get way more noob questions… People that do not know how to use search(engines), understand reporting issues, understand that the demo setup is just that, a demo setup and nothing to be tweeked for production use. This does not happen on the mailinglist of BetterForm, a great XForms engine. The ‘demo setup is also not difficult there, but you quickly become aware that you need to use it in combination with IT (and this is not critique).

So my suggestion: Pose a question to the user when he (she?) executes ‘ant demo.setup’ asking him if he wears a suit. If he answers ‘yes’ , we should register his ip-address and only allow access to a ‘beginners’ forum for at least a year (yes even if he is from a high-profile consultancy firm ;-)) since experience comes with the years and not in the first minute.